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  1. Bamboo Whisk
    Froth up any one of our Rooibos, Black Tea or Matcha teALCHEMY powders with our Japanese Bamboo Whisk. Learn More
  2. 1 cup of perfect Matcha spoon
    This stainless steel spoon measures the right amount of powder to make the perfect cup of matcha! Matcha made in heaven. Learn More
  3. Tea-Tails
    The ultimate tea cocktail recipe book for everyone who loves to get creative in the kitchen and behind the bar. This 84 page full colour, water resistant cover book offers 27 tea-inspired recipes helping you bring tea into your every day in every way. Learn how to incorporate the worlds' most popular beverage into your cocktail hour, with exciting recipes and helpful tips. Tea-Tails makes you a teALCHEMIST ready to take on the world. Learn More
  4. Thermo Jacket
    Inspired by the insulating property of a wetsuit, our Thermo Jacketâ„¢ is made with 100% insulating neoprene material.

    – Zipper front makes it easy to put on and take off
    – Easy to clean and maintain
    – Helps maintain the temperature of both hot or cold beverages for hours
    – Protects your table from condensation Learn More
  5. Solid Wood Tea Menu
    Excellent for restaurants wanting to offer guests a premium selection of 12 loose leaf teas. Wooden tea menu comes with a personalized company black and gold plate to be added to the front cover of the menu. 12 clear round insertions of selected tea will be added to inside of the tea menu with white description labels showing the names of the teas and ingredients. Call for more details. Learn More
  6. Silicone Thermometer
    Put additional excitement during your tea/coffee time.

    Silicone Thermometer will tell you the best temperature for brewing different kinds of tea – black tea, green tea, white tea.

    Materials: thermometer with silicone Learn More
  7. Birdie Can

    Regular Price: CA$19.95

    Special Price CA$16.99

    Birdie Can provides a good condition for storing your coffee bean/ tea/ sugar perfectly.

    Dual container design allows both the seal-up and ventilated functions. Dislocation of bird eyes brings out the ventilated function and vice versa. Airtight lid keeps aroma and taste fresh. The ventilated function provides good condition for storing fermented goods like Pu’érh tea.

    Dishwasher safe. Learn More
  8. 1 Pot Of Perfect Tea Spoon
    Great for restaurant or home use. This stainless steelMeasures enough loose leaf tea to brew a full pot of tea. Learn More
  9. Honey Dippers | 2 Pack
    Great for simple syrups, honeys and a great gift idea and stocking stuffer.  Learn More
  10. The Perfect Tea Spoon
    This stainless steel spoon measures just enough loose-leaf tea to brew a perfect cup of tea. Learn More
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