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  1. TEA LOVERS Gift Set
    For those who know their stuff. Our classic teapot, stainless steel teabag infuser and a tin of our popular Sweet Blossom Green. Product Details: The teapot is drip-free and holds 750 ml. Made of porcelain, stainless steel and silicone. Dishwasher-safe. Tea Details: Sweet Blossom Green is a light and refreshing green tea, with notes of cherry and rose petals. Medium caffeine content. Learn More
  2. RISE N’ SHINE Gift Set
    Our lively tempest tea mug and a tin of our classic English Breakfast. Brews a quick, strong cup of tea that will give you the buzz you need to tackle your day.  Product Details: The mug and lid are made from single-glaze, lead-free ceramic. The strainer is stainless steel. Dishwasher-safe. Tea Details: English Breakfast is a classic, bold black tea with high-caffeine content. Learn More
  3. SWEET SLEEP Gift Set
    Dreamcatchers were believed to catch and filter out the bad dreams, allowing only positive thoughts to enter the mind. Whether you're superstitious or just like how they look, our dreamcatchers are the perfect bedroom accessory. Add a cup of our Get Sleep Elixir to your bedtime routine for an extra-tranquil sleep. Product Details: Dreamcatchers are made on a 7" wire hoop and bound in leather. The web is woven with natural, braided sinew, and the adornments that hang from the hoop include feathers, plastic beads and shells. Colours and adornments vary. Tea Details: Ingredients include chamomile, valerian root, astragalus, sage, lemon balm, passion flower, linden, and hawthorne berries. Caffeine-free Learn More
  4. Matcha Gift Set
    Discover the rich flavor of Japan’s celebrated green tea powder with this Matcha Gift Set. This simple set contains everything you need to make the perfect bowl of Matcha. Complete with:
    • 65 g of Matcha Powder
    • Matcha Spoon
    • Matcha Bamboo Whisk
    • Ceramic whisk holder
    Learn More
  5. Gift Card
    Gift Card Learn More
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