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  1. 50g Bag
    Full bodied tea filled with South Indian masala spices, notes of cardamom and lively ginger.

    Suggested Pairings: Desserts with ginger, cardamon, cinnamon, cloves such as carrot cake and ginger snaps would compliment our Cochin Chai tea.

    Caffeine: High

    Ingredients: Black Tea, Ginger, Coriander, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves, Black Pepper

    Brewing: 1 tsp to 1 6-8 oz cup water 212F (steep 5-10 min) Learn More
  2. 50g Bag
    An exotic black Chinese tea from Yunnan, China with excellent fullness and a subtle sweetness. Notice the shimmering golden tips amid the many deep brown leaves of this tea. The aroma of the dry leaf is sweet with chocolate notes and an underlying earthy scent, a scent it keeps as the tea is brewed. This is a pungent, malty cup of tea with a pleasing astringency with a peppery finish.

    Suggested Pairings: It is also good for multiple infusions, making this not only a delightfully delicious tea, but a good value too. This tea has excellent fullness with subtle China sweetness. It is only produced during March and April, when the mountain air is moist and cool.

    Ingredients: Chinese Black Tea Leaves

    Caffeine Level: Medium-High

    Brewing: 1 tsp of tea per 6-7 oz water. Boiling water into the teapot. Cover and let steep for 3-7 min according to taste. Learn More
  3. Pumpkin Patch
    A hearty blend of black tea and rooibos, flavoured with pumpkin pie spice, orange and almond. This blend consists of mainly herbs and spices to satisfy your craving for chai. There are numerous variations of chai, although the most traditional base is northern Indian Assam, or a full-bodied aromatic southern Indian Nilgiri. Chai is typically enjoyed sweetened at the end of a meal, or as an afternoon pick-me-up.

    Suggest Pairings:Use it in custards and ice creams. Try with bread pudding or French toast, a wide variety of baked goods, or infused rum. It also goes well with grains such as rice and oatmeal, and with chocolate.


    Ingredients:Black Tea Leaves, Rooibos Leaves, Hibiscus Flowers, Sunflower Petals, Calendula Petals, Apple Pieces, Rose Hip, Almond Pieces, Cinnamon Pieces, Orange Pieces, Ginger Root, Coriander, Cloves, Cardamon, Black pepper, Nut Oil, Natural Flavours

    Brewing:1 heaping tsp of loose tea for 7-9 oz of water. Pour freshly boiled water over tea. Steep covered for 3-7 min. Add milk and sugar to taste or just drink it straight up.

  4. Lapsang Souchong
    A delicious premium Lapsang with captivating a heady bouquet and a delicious mild oak and pine fire finish. This earthy tea is smoked with pine needles, giving it a distinctive smoky flavour that is sometimes an acquired taste.

    Suggested Pairings: Lapsang Souchong is very well suited to cooking and will bestow its characteristic smokiness into the dish — without actually needing to smoke the food. This tea will pair well with savories, especially pork and lamb, and is ideal with cheese.

    Ingredients: Black Tea

    Caffeine: Medium

    Brewing: 1 tsp , 7-9 ounces, 212 F, 6-7 mins

    *We truly appreciate this tea and we recommend drinking it hot. Learn More
  5. Kenyan Black Kericho
    A rich and satisfying black tea from Kericho, Kenya with a strong, earthly flavour and light honey notes. A wonderful tea with exceptional Kenyan taste - tea the way it was meant to be. Add milk and sugar to taste.

    Suggested Pairings:Pairs well with chocolate, desserts, eggs, and hamburgers.


    Ingredients:Kenyan Black Tea Leaves

    Brewing:1 tsp of loose leaf tea in a tea pot. Pour 6-8 oz of boiling (212F) water over tea. Steep 4 min. Learn More
  6. Earl Grey
    A classic black tea infused with the citrusy essence of bergamot and the sweet-scented hint of cornflowers. This blend comes from one of the top 3 tea growing regions of Sri Lanka. Earl Grey has become one of the most popular teas in the West, a staple in most restaurants and in the tea lovers diet. It tastes great with a splash of milk!

    Suggested Pairings:Pairs well with a wide variety of baked goods, dairy, eggs, spices, bourbon, and chocolate.

    Ingredients:Ceylon Black Tea, Bergamot, Cornflower Petals, Natural Flavours

    Caffeine level: Medium

    Brewing:1 tsp of tea per one 6 oz cup of boiling water, 212F (Steep 3-5 min) Learn More
  7. 50g Bag
    A traditional full-bodied black breakfast tea ideal any time of day. Bright, full-bodied and full of flavour.

    Suggested Pairings: Pairs well with dark chocolate, sharp cheeses, mushrooms, smoked fish and meats, eggs, spiced desserts such as carrot cake and gingerbread, or anything cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar or caramel. You can also add to your shortbread recipe.

    Ingredients: Sri Lanka, Kenya and India Black Teas

    Caffeine level: High

    Brewing: 1 tsp tea to 6 oz water. 212F (Steep 3-5 min) Learn More
  8. Double Black Diamond
    A full-bodied Kenyan black tea blended with an aged Chinese Pu'erh tea hints of malt and plum. The Kenyan tea is incredibly rich and has an exceptionally fresh and almost unfinished edge. Double Black Diamond makes for an excellent breakfast or afternoon tea, enjoyed with or without milk.

    Suggest Pairings: Pairs well with chocolate, desserts, eggs, and hamburgers. A well-aged Pu'erh is the ideal way to end a very rich or heavy meal or have with virtually any high fat or greasy dish.

    Ingredients: Kenyan Black Tea Leaves, Chinese Pu'erh Tea Leaves

    Caffeine level: High

    Brewing:1 tsp to 1 6-8 oz cup water 212F (steep 3-5 min) You will also get a few bonus infusions with this Pu'erh blend. Learn More
  9. 50g Bag
    A delicate, 2nd Flush Darjeeling Estate tea with a distinctive muscatel character. Teas such as this one from one of Darjeeling's best known estates, Margaret's Hope, are known for their complex, delicate flavours and aromas.

    Suggested Pairing: This is a superb afternoon tea that is especially good with scones and raspberry conserve. Pairs well with fruit and soft cheeses. Its nutty character and muscatel flavours combine well with warmer spices like nutmeg and also wild mushrooms, such as morels.

    Ingredients: Black Tea Leaves from Margaret's Hope Estate, India

    Caffeine: Medium

    Brewing: 1 tsp for each 6-8 oz cup of boiling water. Cover and let steep for 3-7 min. Learn More
  10. 300g Tin
    A blend of Darjeeling and Assam tea from Indi that has been ground into powder using the Japan method. Vibrant deep hues and a delicious bold presence that will refresh your senses. Can be used to make espresso, smoothies or lattes.

    Ingredients: Darjeeling and Assam ground powders.

    Sift or whisk 1/2 teaspoon of teALCHEMY cookingn grade black tea powder into an 8 ounce glass or mug.
    Mix 1 tbsp of hot water into black tea powder.
    Add 8 ounces of steamed milk.
    Sprinkle with vanilla. Learn More
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