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  1. 33 balls
    Exceptionally fresh hints of grassiness that intertwine into a melange of 4 flowers.

    Caffeine Level: Low

    Ingredients: Green Tea, Amaranth, Jasmine, Chrysanthemum, Lavender blossoms.

    Brewing Instructions: Place one ball in a heat resistant, glass tea pot and steep for 5 minutes with boiled water until fully bloomed. Gaze. Sip. Enjoy.

    Brewing Temp.: 100C/212F. Makes 5-6 cups per ball. Learn More
  2. 150g Tin
    A mellow vegetal aroma with a smooth, lingering sweet finish. Considered the most prestigious tea in China, Dragonwell is cultivated near Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang Province renowned for its magnificent Lake of the West. Dragonwell is distinguished by its beautiful shape, emerald colour, scented smell and tending sweet floral character. Long Ching teas are processed entirely by hand, from picking to final sifting through a 10 part process. It exhibits a unique flat shape because it is literally ironed during wok-firing.

    Suggested Pairings:Dragonwell has the astringency to pair particularly well with many cheeses such as Brie and Camembert. It has a nutty quality that combines deliciously with a well-aged Gruyere. It also goes well with seafood, fish, fruits, and custards, and steeps well into vodka.

    Ingredients:Chinese Green Tea Leaves (Lung Ching)

    Caffeine level: Medium

    Brewing:1 tsp of tea per one 6 oz cup of water, 175F (Steep 1-2 min) Learn More
  3. 215g Tin
    This sun-grown green tea is combined with toasted brown rice. When toasted, some of the brown rice pops, giving it the nickname "popcorn tea". A strong bouquet of roasted rice and delicate note of sea air. This tea comes from the Japanese Tea Gardens in the Zhejiang Province, which is situated on the eastern coast of mainland China.

    Suggested Pairings: This tea will pair well with seafood, rice, chicken, and light vegetables. As the tale goes this tea is known as the comfort equivalent to chicken soup: good for whatever ails you — a cold, stress, or a low day

    Ingredients: Green Tea, Roasted and Popped Rice

    Caffeine: Medium

    Brewing: 1 tsp , 7-9 ounces, 212 F, 3-7 min. Due to the space rice takes up in the teaspoon, scoop a bit more (a heeping teaspoon).

    * Milk and Sugar not recommended Learn More
  4. 260g Tin
    This fine tea is shade-grown and steamed. The striking dark green leaves steep into a sweet and delicious vegetative liquor. This tea comes from the Japanese Tea Gardens in the Zhejiang Province, which is situated on the eastern coast of mainland China.

    Suggested Pairings: With this delicate Gyokuro we recommend enjoying it as a beverage, rather then used in cooking. It pairs well with seafood, rice, egg dishes, and raw or lightly cooked vegetables.

    Ingredients: Green Tea

    Caffeine: Medium

    Brewing: 1 tsp , 7-9 ounces, 212 F, 3-7 mins

    *Milk not recommended Learn More
  5. 260g Tin
    Smooth and delicate tea pearls with pleasing flavour and a heavenly Jasmine character. Jasmine is traditionally Chinese, however this tea is from the Japanese Tea Gardens in China's Fujian province on the southeast coast of the mainland. The long green tea buds are hand-picked from the young green tea plants and are heated soon after picking to arrest oxidation of the leaves. They are then carefully stored for several weeks until the Jasmine flowers blossom. The tea buds are very skillfully hand rolled into perfect spheres and layered over several nights with the fresh Jasmine blossoms. Just a few pearls yield a highly fragrant liquor, bright with refreshing Jasmine and sweet with the soft creamy undertones of the tea buds.

    Suggested Pairings: This tea would pair well with fresh fruits and curried dishes. It would also taste superb if infused into custards and other dairy, or for steaming fish.

    Ingredients: Green Tea, Jasmine Blossoms

    Caffeine: Medium

    Brewing: 6-8 Pearls, 7-9 ounces, 212 F, 3 mins

    *Milk and sugar not recommended Learn More
  6. 150g Tin
    Light and refreshing with notes of cherry and rose. Delightfully exotic and soothing.

    Suggested Pairings: Haddock or Sole poached in fish broth with carrots, multi grain breads, Lychee sherbet, Baby arugula, Endive and Blood orange salad.

    Ingredients:Green tea, Rose petals, Natural flavors

    Caffeine level: Low

    Brewing:1 tsp of tea per one 7-9 oz of boiling water, 212F (Steep 6-7 min) Learn More
  7. 200g Tin
    A rare green tea from Japan's Shizuoko region with notes of steamed vegetables and fresh seaweed. Sencha is made from the first picking of the leaves in spring. The freshly picked leaves are steamed (in order to de-enzyme the tea and enhance the green color), followed by alternate drying and rolling. Sencha is high in vitamin C content. The delicately sweet aroma and flavour are reminiscent of freshly mown grass and sea breezes.

    Suggested Pairings: Sencha pairs very well with seafood, rice, egg dishes, and raw or lightly cooked vegetables. It infuses nicely into vodka or sake; adding fruits, herbs, or flower petals to the infusions can result in marvelous tea cocktails.


    Ingredients: Japanese Green Tea Leaves

    Brewing: 1 tsp of loose leaf tea with 145F to 175F water. Steep 1 1/2 to 3 min.

    *Watch the steeping time and temperate carefully as it is very prone to oversteeping. Learn More
  8. Matcha Powder (Cooking Grade)
    Produced in Nishio City in Aichi prefecture, Japan's Finest. High in antioxidants, increases mental focus, provides natural energy. To learn more, please view our Matcha PDF 

    Ingredients:Stone ground green tea from Aichi Perfecture Japan

    Caffeine level: High

    Learn More
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