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  1. Double Black Diamond
    A full-bodied Kenyan black tea blended with an aged Chinese Pu'erh tea hints of malt and plum. The Kenyan tea is incredibly rich and has an exceptionally fresh and almost unfinished edge. Double Black Diamond makes for an excellent breakfast or afternoon tea, enjoyed with or without milk.

    Suggest Pairings: Pairs well with chocolate, desserts, eggs, and hamburgers. A well-aged Pu'erh is the ideal way to end a very rich or heavy meal or have with virtually any high fat or greasy dish.

    Ingredients: Kenyan Black Tea Leaves, Chinese Pu'erh Tea Leaves

    Caffeine level: High

    Brewing:1 tsp to 1 6-8 oz cup water 212F (steep 3-5 min) You will also get a few bonus infusions with this Pu'erh blend. Learn More
  2. Aphrodisiac Tea
    Encourages stress reduction and a healthy sexual appetite in men and women.

    Tip: Red Beet juice is a natural aphrodisiac (known as nature’s Viagra) and richest source of antioxidants. Exercise to reduce stress – Kundalini Yoga practices exercises that activate the sex chakra, relieving tension and moving energy out of the digestive system distributing the energy to the heart center. The breathing techniques are used to open the mind from stress and lengthens muscles that helps you focus on deep breathing methods and body connection.

    Ingredients: Pu’erh tea, cacao nibs, vanilla, ashwagandha root, ginseng, maca powder.

    Caffeine Level: Medium

    Brewing: 1 tsp of loose leaf tea. Boil water to 212f. Pour 8 oz. over tea and steep for 3-4 min. Learn More
  3. Detox Tea
    Boost metabolic activity to cleanse the system and support weight loss.

    Tip: Take time for yourself to clear your mind and have a ‘me’ day. Focus on the breath by fully inhaling then fully exhaling letting go and releasing any bad toxins out of the body.

    Ingredients: pu’erh tea, oolong tea, fennel seeds, orange peel.

    Caffeine Level: Medium

    Brewing: 1 tsp of loose leaf tea. Boil water to 212f. Pour 6 oz. of water over tea and steep for 6-8 min. Learn More
  4. 200g Tin
    A smooth five year aged tea from China's Yunnan province which exhibits hints of earth and malt. The relatively high humidity from inside the dark cave where this Pu-erh was aged has mellowed its elemental character in comparison to a younger 1 year aged tea.

    Suggested Pairings: Pairs well with rich fatty foods, cheese and chocolate.

    Caffeine: High

    Ingredients: Golden Pu'erh Tea Leaves

    Brewing: 1 heaping tsp of loose leaf tea, for 7-9 oz of water in the teapot. Pour freshly boiled water over the tea. Steep 3-7 min. You may get a few more infusions with this tea so go light on the first brew. It gets better each brew as the leaves open up. Learn More
  5. 200g Tin
    A luxurious combination of Pu'erh tea and chocolate - sweet, rich and decadent. Our Chocolate Pu'erh is made with wild-harvested tea leaves fermented and ripened into an earthy black tea. Rich in antioxidants, this hearty and healthy Pu'erh tea is decadence in a cup. Due to Puerh's rich flavour steeping is quick and full bodied.

    Suggested Pairings: It tastes great on its own, with milk or even a splash of Bailey's Irish Creme

    Ingredients:Pu'erh Tea and Chocolate Cocoa Nibs

    Caffeine level: high

    Brewing:1 tsp of tea with 8oz of boiling water. This is a very rich tea only needs 30 second steep. You will also get 5-6 steeps out of this blend. Learn More
  6. Digestion Tea
    Eases abdominal discomfort and assists in healthy digestion.

    Tip: Completely chew your food. Clean out your fridge throwing out any expired products or processed foods. Chop and clean vegetables for quick healthy snacks. Create an eating schedule that works for you and your lifestyle. Reduce sugar, fats and processed foods that have hidden chemicals as they slow down digestion and create stomach pain.

    Ingredients: peppermint, pu’erh tea, ginger root, lemongrass, meadowsweet, marshmallow leaf, lemon balm, fennel, chamomile.

    Caffeine Level: Low

    Brewing: 1 tsp of loose leaf tea. Boil water to 212f. Pour 6-8 oz. over tea and steep for 6 min. Learn More
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