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  1. Breathe Easy Tea
    Discover a halt in unhealthy habits such as smoking as some of these ingredients may help with craving combatant that also naturally cleanses.

    Tip: Avoid food labels with more than five

    Ingredients. This is a red flag for processed foods.

    Ingredients: Organic green rooibos, lemon verbena, rosebuds and petals, nettle, coltsfoot, lemon myrtle.

    Caffeine Level: None

    Brewing: 1 tsp loose leaf tea, Boil water to 212f. Pour 7-9oz. over tea and steep for 5-7 min. Learn More
  2. 160g Tin
    Sweet notes of vanilla add an exotic taste and aroma to our delicious Rooibos.

    Suggested Pairings: Old fashion homemade chocolate cookies works perfectly with vanilla.

    Ingredients:Rooibos, Calendula petals, Almond pieces, Natural flavors

    Caffeine level: Caffeine-Free

    Brewing:1 tsp of tea per one 6-7 oz of boiling water, 212F (Steep 3-7 min) Learn More
  3. Rooibos Spice
    A comforting blend of herbs and exotic spices. Rooibos Spice is filled with antioxidants and has dominant flavours of anise and cardamom that provide an uplifting cup. The combination of Chilean anise, cardamon, raspberry, nettle, clove, calendula, safflower petals, and Chilean rosehip, provide a balanced delicious flavour and feeling of well-being.

    Suggested Pairings: Excellent when added to your homemade ice cream recipe.

    Ingredients:Rooibos Leaves, Anise, Cardamom, Raspberry Leaves, Nettle Leaves, Cloves, Calendula Petals, Safflower Petals, Rose Hip

    Caffeine level: Caffeine Free

    Brewing:1 heaping tsp of tea for 7-9 oz of boiling water. Steep 3-7 min. Learn More
  4. Rooibos Pearadisio
    A sweet South African rooibos with an enticing hint of pear.

    Suggested Pairings: This pear blended rooibos has a perfect profile for making ice cream. It's fruity and slightly sweet lingering notes will pair well with scones, cakes and dessert. It is also great served as ice tea in the summer time.

    Ingredients: Rooibos Leaves, Dried Pear Pieces, Natural flavours

    Caffeine level: Caffeine Free

    Brewing:1 tsp of tea with 8 oz of boiling water. Steep for 3-5 minutes. Learn More
  5. Red Rooibos
    A Luxuriously smooth Rooibos with a fruity flavour finishing in sweet notes. All Rooibos comes from Cederberg, South Africa, a nature reserve just north of Cape Town known for its beautiful rock formations and delicious Rooibos.

    Suggested Pairings: Rooibos is ideal in food preparation – simply use it as a substitute for water or milk in any recipe. Rooibos complements and intensifies the natural flavours of food. It is also a natural tenderizer, which makes it a perfect base for meat and chicken marinades.

    Ingredients: Superfine Red Rooibos

    Caffeine level: Caffeine Free

    Brewing: 1 tsp , 7-9 ounces, 212 F, 3-7 mins Learn More
  6. 180g Tin
    This Green Rooibos creates a sweet and pleasant cup with delicate herbaceous notes and a light and fruity finish. All Rooibos comes from Cederberg, South Africa, a nature reserve just north of Cape Town known for its beautiful rock formations and delicious Rooibos.

    Suggested Pairings:Apart from being a healthy and refreshing drink in its own right, it is perfect for diluting fruit juices or concentrates. The mineral content of Rooibos also supplements the nutritional value of food and drinks.

    Ingredients: Green Rooibos

    Caffeine level: Caffeine Free

    Brewing:1 tsp , 7-9 ounces, 212 F, 3-7 mins Learn More
  7. 150g Tin
    Uplift your spirits with the beautiful red and pink colours that fill your cup when you brew Cherry Rose Rooibos. This Rooibos contains many antioxidants that are full of nutrients such as iron, which is essential for transport of oxygen in the blood. Rooibos also has potassium, calcium copper, zinc and magnesium. This tea also contains rose petals known to improve your vitality, blackberry leaves, and cherry notes which in China and Japan are potent symbols of springtime and youth. The English believe cherry trees are a symbol of luck.

    Suggested Pairing: Pairs well with our recipe of Cherry Rose Beet Cake. Prepare a simple syrup for dessert. Try our Cherry Rose Rooibos Smoothie - 2 cups water, 8 tbsp tea leaves, 2 1/2 cups vanilla ice-cream, 3 tsp lemon juice, 1 1/2 cups sparkling lemon juice. Start by brewing the tea in the 2 cups of boiling water, steep for 10 minutes. (Remove leaves) Add brewed tea to ice cream in a blender. Stir in lemon juice. Pour into glasses and top up with sparkling lemon juice.

    Ingredients: Rooibos, Rose petals, Rosehip, Cherry notes, Blackberry leaves

    Caffeine level: Caffeine Free

    Brewing: 1 tsp tea to 6 oz water. 212F (Steep 3-6 min) Learn More
  8. 150g Tin
    An indulgent blend of rich chocolate, cool mint and fruity rooibos. We are all familiar with chocolate mint ice cream, chocolate mint bars, chocolate mint wafers - unfortunately none of these are normally associated with a healthy lifestyle. This Rooibos Chocolate Mint blend helps fill the craving without the calories. Rooibos contains many essential and revitalizing minerals and is believed to be good for the digestive system. Cacao beans enjoyed for millenia, are particularly rich in calcium. The undeniably amazing taste and healthy qualities of this tea make it an excellent calorie free, after-dinner digestive. Can also be served cold.

    Suggested Pairings: Pairs well with ice cream and for making popsicles. Cool mint flavour with a chocolate twist pretty much goes with anything, don't you think? Pairs well with your dessert course and can be a great after dinner digestive.

    Ingredients: Rooibos Leaves, Peppermint Leaves, Calendula Petals, Cacao Bean Pieces, Natural Flavours

    Caffeine level: Caffeine Free

    Brewing: 1 tsp tea to 6 oz water. 212F (Steep 3-6 min) Learn More
  9. 120g Tin
    A harmonious blend of exotic herbs warmed by a hint of spice. Slow down, become grounded and enjoy stillness of time and place for a few moments with these calming herbs and spices. Chamomile Rooibos is a sumptuous soothing blend that will take you on a personal journey of inner peace to help you relax and sleep restfully.

    Suggested Pairings:

    Ingredients: Chamomile Flowers, Rooibos Leaves, Lemon Balm Leaves, Lemon Verbena, Linden Flowers, Anise, Cinnamon, Oatstraw, Orange Pieces

    Caffeine level: Caffeine Free

    Brewing: 1 tsp teas to 6 oz water. 212F (Steep 3-6 min) Learn More
  10. 180g Tin
    A creamy South African rooibos blend with sweet toffee notes. Rooibos and Honeybush are popular indigenous South African herbal teas enjoyed for their taste and aroma.

    Suggested Pariings: Crème Caramel Rooibos pairs well with chocolate caramel tarts, caramel apples, custard, banana themed desserts, salmon or pork with a light sweet caramelized sauce.Ingredients: Rooibos Leaves, Caramel Pieces, Calendula Petals, Hazelnut Pieces, Natural Flavours,Traces of Sugar


    Caffeine level: Caffeine Free

    Brewing:1 tsp of loose rooibos, with 7-9 oz of boiling water, steep for 5 minutes. Learn More
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