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Pricing & Packaging

Paying for Premium

Paying for Premium

At teALCHEMY, we are committed to supplying the highest quality, premium loose-leaf tea. This means that our teas are hand-harvested and hand-processed by experienced tea farmers, in tea gardens and regions renowned for quality tea bushes and farming practices. By purchasing premium tea, you are paying for labor, handiwork, and pristine agricultural conditions.

Within this category, premium teas vary greatly in terms of quality, scarcity and other value-added features, and thus our prices account for these differences as well.


Besides value, our tea is also priced based on weight. Since the weight of tea varies between varietals, each tin holds a slightly different amount of tea and thus is priced accordingly.

In terms of the packaging, we pack as many leaves as we can possibly fit into sealed baggies, and then transfer those bags into food grade, coated interior tins, with air-tight lids. This packaging:

  • Preserves tea’s flavor for longer
  • Prevents heat damage
  • Looks beautiful on your shelf or counter!

Fun fact: Tea is a sterile product so it is not prone to bacterial degradation. So long as you keep your tins shut properly, it is safe to drink for years. It merely loses flavor with time.

Finally, we also offer modestly priced pouches of tea, with 50g of product. This is the perfect size for sampling different flavours or for throwing into a stocking/gift bag.

Bulk Packaging

Please refer to wholesale page for more information.

Bulk Packaging
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