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Water & brewing temperatures

Water & brewing temperatures

Correct water temperature is critical to steeping a good pot of tea. Each type of tea needs a different temperature for best results. For a black tea, fully boiling water about 212F (100C) is ideal. For a more delicate tea, cooler water is preferable. Boil water then let cool to desired temperature.

The general rule for steeping loose leaf teas is one slightly heaped measuring teaspoon of tea per 3/4 cup water. Standard instructions say 1 cup but this is referring to a tea cup which is about 6 oz or 3/4 cup. The size of the tea leaf is going to make a difference on the volume of tea you use. If the leaf is a very small leaf or is broken into tiny pieces, it will pack more densely into the teaspoon and will take less than a heaped teaspoon to equal 1.75 grams. If the tea is a particularly large leaf style (such as Pai Mu Tan or 2 Dove Silver Needle, white teas) it will require more than a slightly heaped teaspoon

The water quality will have a distinct effect on how the tea tastes. Teas are very sensitive to water taste and mineral content. Use a good quality home water filter, such as a Brita or bottled water. A Ph level of 7 is the best.

Always start with fresh water not water that has been sitting or previously boiled. When water has boiled too long or multiple times, it becomes deoxgenated resulting in a flat taste.

Please use this chart as a guide only to steeping your teas based on the type of tea. Once you get to know your teas better and how strong you like your brew, you can make adjustments based on your own personal preference. Feel free to experiment to find the perfect cup. Download it here

Printed Brew Chart
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